Aqua Marine Foaming Cleanser

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Time to say goodbye to your harsh regular face wash. Achieve clear and hydrated skin everyday with our quick and effective Aqua Marine Foaming Cleanser.

• Rejuvenates and detoxifies skin
• Removes toxins and dirt from the skin
• Non-drying formula for hydration
• Helps heal acne
• Refreshes the skin

Why Marine Algae and Vitamin C?

The Prolixr™ Aqua Marine Foaming Cleanser is made with pure marine algae and vitamin c extracts which are high in anti-oxidants that assists in the removal of toxins and pollutants built up due to makeup and dirt over time, making your skin refreshed and glowy.

Key Ingredients

Each 100 Gms contain Aloe barbadensis (Leaf Juice) 5mg, Saccharum officinarum (Root Stock) 1mg, Mentha (Crystal) 1mg, Citrus limon (Fresh Fruit) 1mg, Carica papaya (Fruit) 1mg, Punica granatum (Fruit) 1mg. Base (QS) Water, Foaming Agent, Saponins, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, CAPB, EDTA, Camellia sinensis extract, Marine Algae, Euxyl-120, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance.
Who it’s good for ?

Skin types – Suitable for all skin types
Skin concerns – Acne, oily skin, dull Skin

What to expect?

Texture – Lightweight foam
On the nose – Sea breeze
Makes the skin – Naturally fresh and glowing

How to use

PREPARE your skin by dampening the skin with lukewarm water
APPLY two pumps of foaming cleanser on your entire face avoiding the eyes
MASSAGE your face gently in a circular motion
MOISTURISE with Prolixr’s Very Berry Moisturiser for smooth and balanced skin